Adriaan Mol

Adriaan Mol

Slanted Currents

36" x 36"

18" x 18"

Fine Line.3
12" x 24"

Adriaan Mol was born in Michigan and grew up in Florida. He attended a local college with an art scholarship. Moved to Williamsburg Brooklyn and studied art independently. Since moving to Orlando he has pursued group shows and private commissions. His artwork comments on our relationship with sound.

In permanent collection at Whitespace, The Mordes Collection West Palm Beach, FL

Private Commissions
“Crystal City”, Gallery At The Vue, Orlando, FL

Private Commissions
Art In Odd Places “Play”, Orlando, FL

Private Commissions
“Cinematic Distractions and Dreams”, Avalon Gallery, Orlando, FL

“Against The Grain”, Redefine Gallery, Orlando, FL
“More Than Sunshine”, G40 Group Show, Art Whino, National Harbor, MD
“From Robots To Warlocks”, Orlando Museum Of Art, Orlando, FL

“Graff”, Extra Large Gallery, Orlando, FL
“Welcome Orlando”, Redefine Gallery, Orlando, FL

“From the Bock to the Brush”, Paul Fisher Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL
“Something Worth Going To”, The Cameo, Orlando, FL

“Small Wonders”, Latitude Zero, Orlando, FL
“Imaginary Friends”, Haveli Gallery (during Art Week) Miami, FL
“Surrounded 2”, Bold Hype Gallery, Orlando, FL
“Believe the Hype”, Bold Hype Gallery, Orlando, FL
“False Alarm”, Black Box Collective, Orlando, FL
“Avatar”, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL

“Art Core”, Congregation of Forgotten Saints, Hollywood, CA
“Brushes, Needles, and Burnouts”, Kustom Kulture Gallery, Baldwin, NY
“The Art of Digging”, The Light Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
“Warriors: Come Out and Play”, Vitale Studios, St Petersburg, FL
“Kiss the Canvas”, Kustom Kulture Gallery, Baldwin, NY
“Love to Hate”, Say It Loud, Orlando, FL
“Out of the Box”, Bay Two, Orlando, FL
“Today Your Love Tomorrow The World”, Peacock Room, Orlando, FL
“Urban”, Pound Gallery, Orlando, FL

“In the Moment”, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL
“Needle Play:, Needle Play Tattoo Gallery, Pottsville, PA
“Small Talk:”, Beta Gallery, Orlando, FL
“Tiki Tiki Tiki”, Doo Gallery, Atlanta, GA
“Arf! Arcade”, Pom Poms, Orlando, FL
“December Art Party”, Doo Gallery, Atlanta, GA
“True Value Vintage”, Pop Shop, Cleveland, OH

Shape, color, and sizes are like randomly generated puzzle pieces. That can be either multiplied and/or divided. Light can cast shadows upon definition while Nature sings the song of Wisdom, Solace, and Creation.
Reformulation is a natural construct and interactivity. Pieces often fall into place with a strike of a nail. While the atmospheres gaze upon the blow.

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Crystal City